Anticipated Tasks

  • Identify critical issues that can go for actions to advance progress at the country level implementation of Land related policies and plans to strengthen PCLG providing space for dialogue between the state, private sector and civil society.
  • Explore critical areas of common interest building for intervention on achieved progress of the past and forthcoming work being done by NES Nepal members regarding land governance.
  • Facilitate the implementation of land related policies and acts by identifying constraints and play catalytical role in making consensus related land issues.
  • Support to establish the linkages between the grass-roots (micro) and the national (macro) realities while formulating and implementing land related policies
  • Explore innovative initiatives for capacity development and mobilization of civil society working on land issues.
  • Facilitate to generate common understanding among the like mandated stakeholders regarding land tenure, acquisition and ownership issues.
  • Contribute to the credibility of civil society as a key change agent in PCLG.
  • Raise land based issues vibrant at the local level to be well considered for national socio-economic and political agenda.
  • Collaborate on People Centered Land Monitoring, particularly in the framework of The Dashboard.